Pediatric Zirconia Crowns and MTA

Pediatric Zirconia Crowns represent the latest and most advanced addition to the pediatric restorative armamentarium. This half-day course will provide the complete theoretical and practical package to master the NuSmile Pediatric Zirconia Crown system in an entirely interactive learning environment enriched with well-documented, step-by-step case presentations. The attendees will gain in-depth knowledge on the rationale of full-coronal restorative options with zirconia crowns, management of the opposing occlusion, techniques for effective hemostasis and troubleshooting based on the best available evidence. The attendees will also review clinical tips on placing zirconia crowns in pulpotomized primary molars using mineral trioxide aggregate (MTA). The clinicians will then have hands-on experience in crown preparation of two primary incisors and a molar, and their cementation. The hands-on training will also incorporate the use of MTA as a pulpotomy medicament in a primary typodont molar with simulated pulp space. Upon completion of the Hands-On Workshop, the clinician will have the confidence to incorporate this restorative and endodontic ecosystem immediately into their practice.