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>Dentistry historical

Board members

Prof. Aly Sharaf

President (Egypt)

Prof. Bishara Asmar

Vice President (Lebanon)

Prof. Amr Abdel Aziz

General Secretary (Egypt)

Prof. Figen Seymen

Member (Turkey)
The International Congress of Mediterranean Societies of Pediatric Dentistry historical review.
The first congress was organized by Miguel Angel Bellet with the agreement of Michel Guillain for France, Giuliano Falcolini for Italy and Mohamed Bouchouchi for Algeria.

Successive congresses

1 – 1986: Barcelona (Spain) President Miguel Angel BELLET † The official languages were Spanish, Italian and French with simultaneous translation.

In Barcelona the four countries decided to hold a joint congress every four years, with a report presented by each of the National Societies in a session with the presidency of the organizing company of the congress.

The second congress was left to Italy:

2 – 1990: Taormina (Sicily) President Giuliano FALCOLINI

The third was to be in France, but the SFOP preferred to leave the place in Lebanon:

3 – 1994: Beirut (Lebanon) President Elia SFEIR.

This year, we tried to create an organization, not just congresses. It was decided to maintain a permanent liaison between the Mediterranean Societies under the presidency for four years of the organizing country of the next congress but without other structures.

In the following period, especially by Michel Guillain, the organization extended to the French-speaking country (Lebanon, Tunisia, Morocco).

Algeria has disappeared.

Then we had

4 – 1998: Nice (France) President Jean JASMIN

5 – 2002: Tunis (Tunisia) President Badiaa JEMMALI

6 – 2006: Marrakech (Morocco) President Tarik RAHMANI.

That year, it was decided to leave the Presidency to Tarik Rahmani

(Morocco) for another four years.

7 – 2010: Beirut (Lebanon) President Mohamed EZZEDINE

At the suggestion of Miguel Angel Bellet † and Giuliano Falcolini, a real organization was proposed, in order to connect with the European Union, which has its office in Barcelona for relations with the Mediterranean countries.

8 – 2014: Istanbul (Turkey) President Figen SEYMEN

9 – 2018: Alexandria (Egypt) President Aly SHARAF

Countries concerned

Albania, Algeria, Croatia, Cyprus, Egypt, France, Germany, Greece, Lebanon, Libya, Malta, Morocco, Slovenia, Syria, Tunisia, Turkey