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“The middle eastern twin sister of Greece, you’ll be stunned wherever you turn your head whether by the beauty of the sea coast of the city, or the great Greek and roman, even pharaonic monuments across the city. You can’t miss the chance to visit the famous Bibliotheca Alexandrina!!”


“Aside from the famous Pyramids, enjoy the true experience of authentic city of Cairo, where you’ll find ancient and luxurious sites to visit in
every alley of the city.”


“Hurghada is one of Egypt’s most-visited diving destinations. Boasting stunning coral reefs teeming with hundreds of colorful fish, the warm waters of the sea offer year-round scuba diving and snorkeling opportunities.”

Luxor & Aswan

“Cruise along the Nile on board a Luxury Nile Cruise and fall in love with the secrets of ancient ,Egypt from timeless monuments to hand carved temples and tombs through Luxor and Aswan cities with Luxor alone has one-third of the world’s ancient monuments”