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>>Asst. Prof. Narmin M. Helal

Asst. Prof. Narmin M. Helal


BDS, CAGS(ortho), CAGS (pedo), FRCDC, MPH, ABO, FAAPD Consultant of

Orthodontics, Consultant of pediatric Dentistry Assistant Professor in Pediatric

Dentistry, King Abdulaziz University


Management of Impacted Teeth Made Easy, Thinking Outside the Box

The developing dentition is of a great importance on the well-being of children. One of the main reasons of impactions is the presence of supernumerary teeth which can affect the developing teeth greatly like preventing timely eruption of primary or permanent teeth. In this lecture we will discuss management of supernumeraries and different reasons of impaction. Furthermore, cases of variable types of impactions will be displayed and their management in the mixed dentition.