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>>Prof. Osama El Shahawy

Prof. Osama El Shahawy


Professor of Pediatric Dentistry Cairo University

Head of Pediatric Dentistry Department Future University, Egypt

President of the Egyptian society of pediatric dentistry and children with special needs


Full Coverage in Primary Teeth

Successful & reliable restoration of primary teeth is a cornerstone in managing pediatric

dental defects. Restoration is essential to manage small cavities all through severely

mutilated teeth. The longevity and reliability of the restoration fulfilling function and

esthetics demands is the goal of all pediatric dental practitioners.


As it is well known, Full coverage is the reliable restorative option for endodontically

treated teeth, severely mutilated teeth and teeth with developmental defects. Moreover

recent conservative approaches in management of deep caries requires proper

restorative seal to ensure the success of indirect pulp capping or partial caries removal,

and this can be well achieved with full coverage.


The demand for esthetic alternatives is rising, and accordingly the practitioners should

master delivering these restorations in an efficient way.


This presentation and hands-on will focus on the use of stainless steel crowns and

zirconia crowns for both anterior and posterior restorations in children, with special

emphasis on the clinical tips that can help in a reliable and efficient placement of these

restorations. The use of recent bio-ceramic formulas that can help ensuring a

predictable pulp management, will be discussed.