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The Egyptian Pediatric Dentistry Association EPDA was established back in 1996

In its 22nd annual meeting that will be held in 2018 the EPDA will organize its 4th International  Congress that will host two big events ; the 9th Congress of Pediatric Dentistry Societies of the Mediterranean and the 12th International Congress of the Arab Society of Pediatric Dentistry.

This collective meeting will allow pediatric dentists from all over the world to discuss common issues and matters of interest. The theme of the congress will be “Different Societies … Different Needs”

Although children all over the world are the same and share same dreams and hopes, still in different parts of the world different factors as cultures, habits, economics and resources may require dentists to look for different treatment options and alternative decision making to meet the different needs of each society and at the same time provide effective and efficient treatment.

Here in Alexandria, Egypt  we welcome participants from all over the world to come and share with us their knowledge and experience.

Prof. Aly Sharaf

President EPDA

Historical review

The International Congress of Mediterranean Societies of Pediatric Dentistry historical review

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Le premier congrès a été, organisé par Miguel Angel Bellet avec l’accord de Michel Guillain pour la France, Giuliano Falcolini pour l’Italie et Mohamed Bouchouchi pour l’Algérie.

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The 12th International Congress of the Arab Society of Pediatric Dentistry.

The Arab Society of Pediatric Dentistry Was Established in 1998 at Damascus, Syria.

Several Arab Pediatric Dentistry Associations attended this 1st meeting the constitutions of the Arab Society was endorsed by the member society.

Each country represented by one Societies.

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